Planning for business continuity

The Challenge

Where do I start in planning for business continuity?

The Solutions

  • Analyse your business and rank your business needs in terms of priorities

          -  What business processes have to be back up and running within

                - minutes or hours?

                - 24 hours?

               - a week or more?

          -  Do you have any regulatory constraints?

  • Identify and prioritize risks, such as power interruption, natural disasters, insider threats and physical, as well as cyber or terrorist attacks 
  • Develop strategies and draw up plans to reduce or prevent those risks

          - Do you require permanent alternatives for your critical IT services and communications?

          - Is your critical data backed up, check your data recovery strategy matches requirements? 

          - Do you need uninterruptible power or generators to keep your electronics functioning?

  •  Analyse your personnel requirements, ensure that non-IT areas are involved

    - Put together recovery teams with defined personnel, roles, functions and hierarchy

          -  Do all your key recovery teams work in the same place?  If something happened to that building, you could lose all of your talent and your ability to recover

          -  Facilities and HR will be critical

  • Analyse your communication strategy 

          -  Do you have access to contact information for your staff, key service providers, regulatory bodies, press agencies and other appropriate contacts?

          -  Do you have a communication cascade structure or call tree in place?

  • Finally, test your plans 

          -  Review your business needs and priorities

          -  Walkthrough the plans

          -  Test your IT recovery procedures

          -  Test your communication plan

          -  Ensure your plans are known about by all staff

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